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Bethany Metcalf


Peggy Snider

Allied ASID

NCIDQ Certification #023375   

Bethany Metcalf, Peggy Snider

[ And our four-legged helpers ]

We have more than 60 combined years of experience in interior design. We are discerning listeners and strive to understand our clients’ spoken and unspoken needs. Two heads are better than one. Although we usually assign one of us to each project, we have the benefit of a second pair of eyes and the opinion of a trusted colleague to confirm and improve our design decisions. Discussing and seeking each others’ opinions on our projects gives our clients two trained and educated designers to ensure a well-thought-out environment.

What We Represent:

Value of knowledge and guidance

Listening to your spoken and unspoken needs

Respect of your time & budget

Imagination to see unrealized potential

Coordination of a smooth process

Understanding your lifestyle

Trust in our relationship

Advocacy for your best interests

Our Awards:

March of Dimes Gourmet Gala Award

ASID Steven Ely Interior Design Award 
(3-time recipients)


Parade of Homes, Gold Award—Compass Homes Kitchen

Pride Medallion Award
(Miami County)

We love creating beautiful spaces, but what really gives us satisfaction is solving problems. How can our designs make your life better? Design matters.


Start the Conversation:

If you can provide us a bit of general information, we will then follow up with you to confirm all your projects goals and needs.

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